Daisy Flower Color Choices:

Hot Pink                      Yellow
White                           Pink
Peach                          Brown
Lavender                    Blue
Black                           Light Pink
Light Green               Orange
Red                              Ivory
Daisy Headband or Crochet
UPIC Colors

$7.99              &          $9.99
Daisy Flower Headband or Beanie Hat UPIC COLOR
Headband or Beanie Color Choice
Daisy Flower Color Choice
Daisy Tutu Dress UPIC Color
Dress & Flower  Choose 2 tulle
colors newborns up to size 4/5

$36.99 to $46.99
Flower blossom ballet shoes!  
Choose pink, white or silver  ballet
shoes!  Choose flower color from
list above! Pink shoes are size 1, 2
or 3 only.  If you choose size 4 in
pink you will receive white shoes.

sizes 1, 2, 3 or 4

Tutudress Size
Crochet Top Color Choice
First Tulle Color Choice
Second Tulle Color
Daisy Flower Color Choice
Shoe Color
Shoe Size
Daisy Flower Color Choice
Posh Easter Tutudress
Easter Tutudress.  3 Roses
have crystals in the centers
and you can order the
headband shoes below.  
Tutudresses are designed to
fit newborns to age 4/5

$44.99 to $54.99
Lavender Crochet Easter 3
Rose Bling Headband