Brown Chiffon Pettiromper
with Vintage Cream Lace
Feather Pearl Rhinestone
Gem Center Flower or UPIC

Chiffon Pettiromper
Choose Brown, Black or
light blue.

small 6 mo to 1 year
pettiromper color chocie
Flower color choice
small 6 mo to 1 year
color chocie
petti rompers
Romper Size
Headband size
Cream Ivory Khaki Luxe
Pettiromper pearl rhinestone
gem, swarovski crystals,

Cream Ivory Khaki Luxe lace
headband pearl rhinestone
gem, netting, swarovski
crystals, feathers.

Blue Chiffon Vintage Flower
Feather Pettiromper Rhinestone
pearl gem, swarovski crystals.  
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